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Founder: Pankaj Agarwal [CA.,CS.] & Co-Founder: Niraj Agarwal


1. Vacancies for Trainee   2. Results List 1 for test under STAR Program - If your name is not on the complete list link below, please wait for the Next List

Name Adhaar No. Marks
Pritish Jaiswal 905601447262 78
Deepika Gorasia 430843651419 79
Dipti Singh 795203902256 90
Nilesh Gattani 804214267950 85
Ankit Mehta 417263712335 86
   For complete list please check the link :   Result Home 

Next batch of Basic Course !!

10th of August 2014

Venue: 90/6A, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Kolkata 700007.

Timings 8.45 a.m. Days : Tue, Wed and Fri.

Fee : Rs.1,900 for details check the courses page.


Vacancies for Trainee


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Important Results for the Day

(Results for the quarter ended June 30, 2014 Vs. June 30 2013)


Punjab National Bank (Buy)
Net profit of Rs. 1405.12 Crore Vs. Rs. 1275.32 Crore.

Revenues Rs. 12825.13 Crore vs. Rs. 11746.59 Crore.


Allahabad Bank : (Buy)
Net profit of Rs. 112.72 Crore vs. Rs. 413.09 Crore.

Revenues Rs. 5518.00 Crore  vs. Rs. 5064.95 Crore.


Indian Bank (Sell)
Net profit of Rs. 2071.597 Crore vs. to Rs. 3173.913 Crore.

Revenues Rs. 4144.01 Crore vs. Rs. 4195.47 Crore.


LIC Housing Finance Ltd (Buy)
Net profit of Rs. 322.30 Crore vs. Rs. 310.50 Crore.

Revenues Rs. 2543.58 Crore vs. Rs. 2177.93 Crore.


Suzlon (Sell)

Net loss come down to Rs 750.74 crore Vs. net loss of Rs 1,058.90 crore.

Revenues Rs 4,671.99 crore Vs. Rs 3,896.71 crore.

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